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*Prices subject to change due to supply cost.

The following prices are for one pet.

Each extra pet is an additional $25.00.  Custom sizes are available as well.

I paint to the customer's preference of color and style(for example, a favorite pattern or colors to match your walls at home) My rates are according to size but other sizes can be used than the ones listed above.

I paint usually just from the chest up. I can also attach old collars from the top of the canvas and old collar tags to the canvas. Embellishments can also be added to the canvas which will cost extra if I have to purchase them (for example, spikes from collars). I do not frame the portraits for I feel that is a personal choice of the customer, but the canvas is staple free on the sides and are painted so they can be hung without frames.  I require a $25.00 non-refundable deposit when I accept your commission and before starting the painting. 

Turnaround time depends on how many commissions I have. 

If you are interested in a portrait for Christmas I would suggest placing your order at least two months or more in advance.  When I have completed the portrait I will send you a digital copy via email.  You will then have the opportunity to accept the painting or suggest changes to be made.  When the changes are complete I will again send you a digital photo via email for your approval.  Upon acceptance I require the balance due after which I will send the painting to you. 

Professional packing and shipping charges will be additional. 

Payment can be made by either money order or certified check to Lindsay Blietz. 

Payment can also be made by PayPal at

For order information contact me at


Photographing Your Pet

       These are some tips to help you take the best pictures of your pets:

  • Try to get in close to your pet filling the frame with them rather than scenery.  Always take extra close-up photos of the face for detail.

  • Try to take the photo's at your pet's level or put them on a chair or table ( if small enough ).

  • Take the photo's over a couple of days so you won't get aggravated trying to hurry a perfect photo.

  • I recommend having someone to distract your pet's attention while you photograph, holding a treat or toy and making them sit is the best position.

  • Outdoor lighting is the best but flash does work, just try to get accurate color.  Seperate photos in outdoor light and flash would be great for detail.  Seeing the detail of the eyes is ideal.

  • Taking both indoor & outdoor with & without the flash produce great detail.

  • Don't worry about sending me too many pictures I welcome as many photos as you want, the more the better. Sending them through the email is the best.

  • Take seperate photos of pets for a group painting I will put them together on the canvas.

  • If you don't have any digital photos you can mail me the film prints, or even scan the prints and then email them to me.

The finished portrait depends on the quality of the photographs that you send.



5"x7"- $50.00 (one dog only for this size)  

16"x20"- $125.00 

8"x10"- $75.00   

 22"x28"- $150.00 

12"x12"- $95.00 

24"x30"- $175.00 


24"x48"- $200.00

14"x 18"- $115.00 

36"x48"- $300.00


$35.00 each (one dog),

$15 per extra pet


-Pawsome Pendants

$30.00 each

(one dog only per pendant please)

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